RObert Misseri

Smithtown, L.I. Resident, Robert Misseri is a Corporate Caterer in NYC. On September 11th 2001, when most people were trying to get out of the city, Robert sent his catering delivery trucks and vans filled with bottled water and supplies down as far as they could go, toward Ground Zero.

Many of the local Fire Departments were struggling to get through this disaster with lost members and no one to cook for them. Robert provided breakfast, lunch & dinner to these Fire Departments and soon after, his trucks made their way down to the Jacob Javitts Center. This is where Robert Misseri met Tony Hall and volunteers, cooking and serving meals for the rescue teams. It was a great combination that was brought together that day, for now with Robert’s delivery trucks and vans, the Bridge and Tunnel workers, EMS, Ambulance teams, FBI, Army, etc. all over the city were happy to receive freshly prepared meals daily from Robert’s delivery trucks. “ There was a very big concern regarding spoiled and contaminated food. There was no refrigeration, and many organizations were sending down food, but by the time it reached the rescue teams, it was spoiled and people were getting sick,” Robert explains.

The Army Corp of Engineers moved Tony Hall & Robert Misseri from the make shift operation at the Jacob Javitts Center to a 40 foot tent set up on John Street near the Trinity Church. The rescue teams were now able to eat a meal and sleep or change their clothes at the church. Months later, when the Trinity Church finally closed down for repairs and renovations, Robert & Tony fed everyone one last time and had many tearful goodbyes with the rescue teams and volunteers.

Robert Misseri also organized the big tractor-trailer trucks sent from companies around the country filled with supplies and fresh food to be prepared for the rescue teams. Robert also helped organize and sent prepared meals down to the Red Cross at the condemned Marriot Hotel where they set up a Hospice operation.

While all this was happening, Robert Misseri found the time to organize an event held at the China Club and donated 100% of the proceeds to several of the families of firemen from a Mid-Town Fire Dept. who lost their lives.

On this September 11th 2011, Robert Misseri And Tony Hall want to host an event in honor of all the volunteers who helped them do what others may see as impossible. “Some of these volunteers drove down to NYC from all over the country with $25 in their pockets. They slept in their cars and worked selflessly day and night and never complained no matter what was asked of them. We hope to find many of them for the 9/11 10th Anniversary Reunion to share memories, say thank you, and never forget how we were all brought together,” states Robert.