Tony Hall

Tony Hall is a chef from Rhode Island who ran a catering business that handled mostly big outdoor events throughout the New England area. He is a National Bar-B-Que Champion and currently is an Operations Manager for a restaurant in Charleston, R.I.

When the towers fell on 9/11/2001, Tony was bringing supplies to a Canteen truck at Ground Zero. These trucks and a few make-shift tents from the Red Cross and Salvation Army were the only means that the rescue teams had to get meals. The Board of Health closed many of these food stations down due to unsanitary conditions and contamination.

Tony saw a way to put his expertise to work. Tony returned to Ground Zero with 3 truckloads of supplies, set up food stations in tents held together with Saran Wrap and started looking for volunteers. In no time, he was able to find 50-60 people to help, under his direction. “When I got down there, I asked a police officer where do I go with all these supplies? He directed me over to the Military who sent me over to the Jacob Javitts Center. They told me to find a spot, and do what I wanted, it was a crazy scene, “ Tony explains.

The Health Dept. closed every one else down, and they monitored Tony Hall’s operation 24/7 and he was allowed to continue serving food to the teams at Ground Zero. The volunteers grew to more then 1200 and Tony and a few other helpers organized everything, including badges and sign-in sheets for all the volunteers.

The Director of the Javitts Center donated a lot of supplies and the donations of food & supplies came from all over the country. During an 8-month period at Ground Zero, Tony Hall and his volunteers served over 1 million meals. Many local celebrities like Mia Farrow, Susan Sarrandon, Tim Robbins, Loretta Swit and others were among the volunteers.

Because of what Tony Hall created at Ground Zero, a blue print was established and used in other crisis situations, such as Katrina. Tony Hall was there helping with the Katrina disaster as well.

On this September 11th. Tony is retiring Ground Zero Food Services to start up Small Town America Responds, (STAR) to continue bringing clean food services to rescue teams throughout the country.