Share memeories of 9/11

Carrie shares:

My Food Service Volunteer Story: During the 911 crisis, I was a food service volunteer at the John Street food tent. I was posted between between two (2) lengthly L-shaped tables to help assemble the grilled hamburgers, potato chips, etc. into small brown paper bags. The cooks grilled food non-stop at the opposite side of the tent.We placed the lunch bags into plastic bins on the table behind us for pick-up. People with food pick-up duties stopped by quite often. We really had to work very quickly. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with the demand and the same speed.

I did not know any of the volunteers, but heard that the food volunteers were from Outback Restaurant. The owners of Outback Restaurant glanced over when we worked and seemed to notice the speedy progress we made one time. Outback Restaurant donated alot of food. Other food included homemade pastries, coffee, tea, chewing gum, etc.

An artist friend asked me to replace another volunteer who could not continue. As a fine artist in studio work, I had alot more responsibilities than most people. Although, I had two work scholarships at the Art Students League, a care-giver for my mother and worked evenings at a prominent music hall, I really wanted to help too.

So, when the amount of food decreased, we were no longer needed. I felt very saddened when it was time to leave.

I am grateful to have participated because this experience and exposure to this crisis will always be part of my memory.

- CM - Dobbs Ferry, NY